A global challenge, like the one coral reefs face today, takes a global effort to affect change—and to do it in time. Kerzner International Resorts is grateful to these partners who have stepped forward to join in our efforts to preserve the coral reefs in The Bahamas through the Blue ProjectSM:

The Kerzner Marine Foundation (KMF) oversees the project and the Bahamas National Trust, The Nature Conservancy and Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF), will implement it.

The work includes identifying, researching, restoring, and patrolling coral reefs as well as creating education and public outreach programs.

One of the greatest challenges facing marine scientists and conservationists today is finding innovative ways to reverse the rapid decline of coral reef ecosystems around the world.  The Blue Project funds the development of innovative strategies and practices that help preserve and restore coral reefs. The initiative is managed by the Kerzner Marine Foundation, a private, not-for-profit organization and is implemented within The Bahamas via The Bahamas National Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and BREEF, along with the marine aquarist team from Atlantis, Paradise Island.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Developing and implementing coral reef protection and restoration strategies

  • Conducting ongoing coral reef research and monitoring

  • Training Bahamians in coral reef research, monitoring, and management techniques

  • Creating programs to heighten public awareness of reefs

  • Developing and delivering reef education programs to communities and schools



The focus of The Blue Project sm has begun on site along the Islands of The Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean, and will eventually expand throughout the tropics worldwide. Additional efforts of the project include:

  • Provide funding to create a coral reef protection strategy for New Providence and Paradise Islands

  • Initiate and fund ongoing reef research

  • Recruit and train Bahamians in coral reef research, monitoring and management techniques

  • Facilitate the development of reef education and public awareness programs for communities and schools to heighten appreciation of the beauty and complexity of these extraordinary ecosystems and of the interdependence of man and coral reefs